Creating Sustainable Values for The Society

BEACON emphasizes ethical business practices and transparency. The company aims to contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life for mankind. BEACON upholds progressive labor policies, including diversity and non-discrimination measures, and complies with labor laws prohibiting forced and child labor.

The company has established BEACON Point, Bangladesh's first International Standard drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation center, addressing the prevalent drug addiction issue in the country. internationally trained professionals provide top-rated addiction treatment, ensuring clients' well-being and comfort at BEACON Point. Along with CSR activities and ethical business conduct, there's room for improvement in gender-inclusive night shift policies and accountability measures. While addressing community needs and environmental concerns, BEACON positively impacts society and its stakeholders. The company also demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility by maintaining a charitable school.


BEACON takes pride as a Bangladeshi company involved in a diverse range of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Dedication to the Environment
Commitment Towards Employee
Support to Education
Women Empowerment
Commitment Toward Society
Responsibility Towards Government