Awareness is needed to prevent Thalassemia.

Dec 23, 2023

Awareness is needed to prevent Thalassemia.

One out of every 14 people is a carrier of Thalassemia while over 70,000 children are affected by the disease at present in Bangladesh.

Besides, around 6,000 children are taking birth with different types of Thalassemia diseases in the country, putting health of the future generation in a serious risk, experts observed in a webinar.

Beacon Pharmaceutical, a leading oncology drug maker in Bangladesh and Kaler Kantho, a Bangla newspaper, recently organised the virtual discussion on the occasion of the World Thalassemia Day.

The day is observed on May 8 every year and the theme of the 2021 was “Addressing Health Inequalities Across the Global Thalassemia Community.”

The global Thalassemia community also underscored the need for creating awareness about the disease and helping the patients lead a normal life in the society.

Imbued with the bonding spirit, the webinar was held with Md Ebadul Karim, Managing Director of Beacon Pharmaceutical, in the chair.

Speakers at the webinar equivocally called upon all concerned people in the country to build awareness in preventing the disease and helping the patients lead a normal life like other people in the society.

Taking part in the discussion, Imdadul Haque Milon, editor of Dainik Kaler Kantho, said there is no alternative but to create awareness in preventing the disease. Media can play a significant role in making the efforts a success, he noted.

In his speech, Ebadul Karim, a successful visionary business entrepreneur in Bangladesh, said Thalassemia is emerging as a terrible threat across the world and opinions from experts are needed now to protect Bangladesh from the risk.

Social media is playing a significant role in creating the awareness among the people about the disease, he said.

Ebadul Karim, also a lawmaker of the ruling Awami League, underscored the need for ensuring pre-marriage certificate of Thalassemia as part of the efforts to control the disease in the country.

The government and private sectors will have to work with a commitment to create awareness among the people so that the disease cannot spread in the country, he said.

Some preventative strategies of Thalassemia were discussed in the programme from the context of Bangladesh which could be effective in preventing the disease, he added.