Oral Solid Dosage

Beacon Pharmaceuticals' state-of-the-art facility produces high-quality oral solid dosages like tablets and capsules. It has multiple production lines with modern equipment for granulation, blending, compression, and coating. The plant segregates potent compounds and employs strict controls for product quality and safety. All manufacturing follows current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and regulatory standards. Packaging lines integrate checkweighing, metal detection, and serialization for tamper-evident products. An on-site lab supports testing and stability studies. The facility prioritizes lean manufacturing, process verification, quality management to reliably supply life-saving medications.

Key Highlights:

State-of-the-art facility for manufacturing oral solid dosage forms like tablets and capsules, with multiple production lines using modern equipment for processes like granulation, blending, compression, and coating.
Segregated areas with strict controls for handling potent compounds, adhering to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and regulatory standards.
Integrated packaging lines with check weighing, metal detection, and serialization capabilities, supported by an on-site laboratory for testing and stability studies.
Lean manufacturing principles, continuous process verification, robust quality management system, and cutting-edge technology for reliable and efficient product supply.
Highly skilled workforce, commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly processes, regular audits and validation, high-volume and flexible manufacturing capabilities, cold chain distribution, and future plans for expanding into other dosage forms.
Oral Solid Dosage